We had a busy year! Money from the NLDTF (Lotto) enabled more courses to be run. Together with donations from The New Settlers Foundation, C Roberts Trust and Rosebank Rotary the DS had a fruitful year.

  • Increased numbers of unemployed youth completed and benefitted from the Job Magnet Process
  • Facilitators were involved in a greater number of workshops;
  • Would be entrepreneurs gained extra knowledge and skills;
  • Outreach to Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Eastern Cape was achieved;
  • More facilitators were trained and certificated.
  • Fruitful partnerships were started:
  • With the Community Work Programme (CWP) an innovative development from government to provide a safety net for unemployed people of working age; Community Education Computer Society (CECS). They train unemployed people in computer skills in order to further increase their chance of gaining employment;
  • With Harambee which is a Youth Employment Accelerator programme – together with
  • DSF they further train and prepare young unemployed people for the world of work.

We thank the funders who so generously supported us in 2014

  • The New Settlers Foundation – R100 000
  • NLDTF (Lotto) - R412 824
  • CR Roberts Trust - R 35 000 from 2013, R 40 000 in 2014 for 2015
  • Rosebank Rotary - R 30 000 from 2013, R75 000 in 2014

These sponsorships enabled the DS to run 43 Job Magnet Courses for 892 unemployed youth.

19.6% gained employment.
26.2% are engaged in further studies - many of these made this decision after being clear about their strengths and the career paths they wanted to follow.
7.1% started small businesses. Some of the Lotto money was dedicated to entrepreneurship and 2 enterprise development courses were skill interested participants.
37.5% are involved in their communities in meaningful volunteer work. They are paid stipends.
8.5% are still unemployed. They remain positive and hopeful. Most are still engaged in using their reports to job seek.

A detailed analysis of the statistics is available from the office.

We travelled to Pietermaritzburg and Grahamstown to train facilitators who will hopefully continue to run Job Magnet Courses in these areas. This outreach was sponsored by Lotto. A follow up session that hopefully will kick start the running of independent workshops will be organised when we get the second tranche of Lotto money.

On the Education scene we ran the Job Magnet Process for Grade 12's who are sponsored by the Alexandra Education Committee. The venue was Waverley Girls' High school. The process was received enthusiastically by 33 matriculants. Comments showed that this was a positive experience for the participants.

  • We learned to embrace our successes rather than focussing on our weaknesses.
  • They taught me about my strengths and skills and how to use them. How they can benefit us in the real world.
  • It helps when finding a career and looking for a job.
  • It's a programme that all young people should be exposed to before going into the Job Market.

We were delighted to learn that the Diocesan School for Girls in Grahamstown ran the process for their Grade 11's under the guidance of Petra Gentz. The process was successful and of benefit to the students. We hope that the use of DS in the school goes from strength to strength.

Twice we ran a short course Articulating Strengths Together. This is a three hour course designed to give participants a 'taste' of dependable Strengths and encourage them to participate further.

The process worked very well with the youth from St Stephen's at Sunninghill. The youth all agreed that they had learned a lot about themselves and would like to follow up.
The adults who took part at St Andrews Church gave some valuable insight for further development of DS.

A Discovery Process was run for the Diocesan Staff at St Joseph's Diocesan Centre. They all agreed that they had discovered hidden strengths and they had enjoyed working with the Diocesan 'team'.


028676We continue to run from office space in St Mary's Cathedral complex in central Johannesburg. Noise outside and traffic on the way is often a challenge, but once we enter and are greeted by the friendly guards and staff we are very comfortable. An added bonus is the use of the hall. We ran a facilitators' course there and also used it for our 'celebration' in September.

Jennifer Tallack (Executive Director) and Thozi Theko (Project Manager) are now joined on Fridays by Caroline Lethlatle who is learning the ropes! We were kept very busy with the extra courses. The office is central for meetings and visits.

The Board, with Mark Franklin as chairman, Connie Nkosi, Marian Laserson, Rev Charles May and Jennifer Tallack as member ex officio continues to encourage and support all the activities of the executive and facilitators. We thank them. In 2014 Chris Mamabolo resigned from the board. We were pleased to welcome Tom Killoran who has taken an active interest in the progress of the Dependable Strengths and been very helpful in the marketing field. We hope to make further progress in 2015.

The Executive Committee includes Jennifer Tallack, Thozi Theko, John Warren, Isaac Mavuso and Tumo Marabe. The executive plans to encourage facilitators to take a more active part in ensuring excellence in the running of workshops and in raising funds.

We go forward in 2015 in the hope that we will successfully help more unemployed and become well established in KwazuluNatal and the Eastern Cape.

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