Dependable Strengths is a registered NGO which facilitates a life skills programme that helps people get jobs. It reignites them, helping them to understand their skills and strengths and so approach the Job Market with confidence. Over 60% of our course graduates join the workforce, and each supports up to 8 people on average. Others choose to study further or volunteer in the community.

Our name has been changed to Dependable Strengths e-Afrika as we feel this is more appropriate.

We thank the funders who so generously supported us in 2017. You have become part of the solution to unemployment in South Africa.

    • The New Settlers Foundation - R 150 000 October 2017
    • CR Roberts Trust - R 40 000 November 2017

5 Job Magnet courses were run in the Johannesburg area, from 19 January to 15 March, with the balance of donations from New Settlers and Roberts Trust received in 2016. 92 unemployed youth benefited from the experience. Of the 56 of those contacted 28 were employed, 5 are studying further and 12 were involved in community work. 3 are running small businesses. The remaining 16 were still unemployed at the time of contact but were still hopeful.

With money from New Settlers we ran 4 Job Magnet Courses for 72 participants. 68 of these participants were contacted in February 2018. 21 had found employment, 25 were completing their studies. Two were rewriting matric, 17 computer training, 2 police training, and the others in financial management, project management, human resources and mechanical engineering. 8 were volunteers, 1 at the SAPS, one at Rehab centre and 6 at Community workers Project. 12 were still looking.

2017 was a quieter year as funding was slow.

The Board welcomed a new member, Pop Motsisi. They continue to meet regularly. The main concern was funding. They supported the ideas from Executive Committee.

A meeting of Exco and interested facilitators accepted the following activities:

  • Another effort will be made to get registered on Seta.
  • Facilitators will be encouraged to set up short one-day courses paid by the participants. The material was distributed for use in this endeavour.
  • We hosted a Mandela Day at Ntataiseng day care centre in Alexandra. The day was a great success the children loved having us around. We were entertained and they, in turn, had great fun.
  • We are currently working on various marketing activities to reignite and enhance the DS brand within various communities in Gauteng.
  • We are planning to promote a one-day course for retirees at parishes in the Diocese.

Mandela Day at Ntataiseng Day Care

A Job Magnet Workshop was held at Ipelegeng Center/ St Pauls on 5 December 2017 in White City Jabavu. It was a piloted workshop to showcase DSA to potential funders at the US Embassy through the Rosa Parks Innovation Center in Soweto.

The workshop was a great success. 

We welcome any support from past participants, those actively involved (on the Board, the Executive and facilitators) and those contacts who know the value of Dependable Strengths workshops.

Look at our website and read about the possibility of running short courses and enjoying finding your own remarkable Strengths to enhance your lives.

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