About Us

The Dependable Strengths Process is a practical, results oriented method which has been proven to be effective in South Africa.
Our Programmes contribute to our country\'s need for job creation, worker motivation, the enhancement of skills and quality of life.
Registration: Section 21 2001/006196/07 NPO 075-710 PBO 93009439 BEE Level 4 Contributor


The development and distribution of the Dependable Strengths Process throughout South Africa in order to encourage the cultivation of a strength based approach to life.


To take as many people as possible through the Dependable Strengths Articulation (DSA) Process thereby:

> Empowering people to improve their effectiveness by actualising their dependable strengths.
> Changing people\'s perceptions about themselves and their value, thus empowering them to action and change.
> Helping people to find or create work appropriate to their strengths.
> Enabling more dynamic teamwork.
> Serving as an elective in any qualification.
> Complementing learnership or skills programmes in terms of career guidance.
> Encouraging strengths based approach within business, education and the larger community.

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